Nailed it!

Have you ever wanted to hang a picture but didn’t want to mess with finding a stud or with using a molly screw or other drywall anchor?  Well, I know I have and I’ve found a solution for you.  Hercules Hooks!  These are so easy to use and I’m sure you’ve seen them on a TV add but they really work well without making a large hole in your wall.  We use them at home and our shop as well.  In our store we’re always taking down and hanging different products in different locations on the wall.

If you hit a stud these will not go in, in which case you just grab a regular nail and hammer it into the hole you just made finding the stud.

Does your furniture need a little love?

At our used furniture shop we see so many pieces of wood furniture that just need a little TLC.  Well, some more than others, but you would be surprised at what little you need to do to make a piece of furniture look lovely again.  So what is this little slice of heaven you might ask?  Drum roll please…………………………………… Howard Restor -A-Finish.

These are the three colors we use most often.


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1) Put steel wool firmly over the can opening and tip the can upside down fairly quickly. (This is the most effective, easy way I’ve found to get the product onto the steel wool in the appropriate quantity)

2) Firmly rub the moist steel wool in the direction of the wood grain.  (if you have to go against the grain at some point to get into certain areas it’s not a big deal. The Red Devil 0320 8-Pack Steel Wool, 0000 Super Fine steel wool is fine enough that it won’t  leave noticeable scratches on anything but the glossiest of finishes.)

3) Let the Howard Restor a Finish sit on the piece of furniture for a few minutes. (I’ve found I get a little better end result by letting it “soak in”)

4) Use a dry cotton cloth and wipe off the excess. (you want to be fairly aggressive with this step to make sure you get it as dry as possible. If you don’t get it all right away, it’s not a big deal. The piece will look a bit cloudy like it has some residue on it the next day. At this point just wipe it down with a clean cloth again and you’ll be all set.)



What to do with an old door…… Don’t just throw it away!

I was walking through our shop the other day and noticed some old louvered closet doors (extremely ugly I might add). I realized they were never going to sell as is, so I started thinking what I could do with them. My husband loaded them up upon my request like he so obediently does :) When I got them home I immediately got out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (that’s a whole post of it’s own) and started my project!





During (it was a family affair)

With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint there virtually no prep work involved, yeah!


Finished Product

I used “s” hooks to hang the pictures on the louvered slats




Old crates, One man’s trash is another mans coffee table


I love this idea.  My husband is always coming across crates or different wooden bins and baskets.  Why not put them all together and make a coffee table.  Your crates don’t even have to all match.  If they have character no need to add a stain, just put a clear coat of lacquer.  We like Deft Interior Clear Wood Finish Gloss Brushing Lacquer, Quart.  If a stain is in order one of our favorites is Minwax 70014 1 Quart Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain, Jacobean.  The Jacobean has a real rich color that we use on a lot of our pieces.  Here is the breakdown.

1)Cut bottom board to size to match the footprint of the crates put together

2)Stain if desired


4)Attach wheels,Caster Classics® 2-inch Low Profile HD Rubber Wheel Plate Casters – 4-Pack

5)Position crates in place and nail or screw your crates to the bottom board.  Depending on how sturdy your crates are you may want to fasten your crates together for added strength.

6)Enjoy your new DIY coffee table